Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homemade Choc-Top Drumsticks

Well Choctober is now well underway and I'm keeping my promise about the chocolate centred recipes even if my stomach begs me to stop! This week I decided on Choc-Tops. I have the easiest, most delicious ice cream recipe and I thought it was time to crack it out.

My favourite part of drumstick ice creams was the thick bit of chocolate found at the bottom of the cone, I just had to replicate it! I made a yummy chocolate sauce to go between layers of vanilla ice cream. I topped half with a cookie  dough ice cream and the other with choc-fudge brownie ice cream (chocolate overload!).

Homemade Choc-Top Drumsticks

What you will need

8 waffle cones
300g milk chocolate, melted
3 pieces chocolate brownies
Half a packet of cookie dough mix (made up following instructions on packet)
200g extra milk chocolate, melted

For the Ice Cream
1 tin condensed milk
600ml cream

For the Chocolate Sauce
1/3 cup cream
150g dark chocolate
Handful marshmallows

What you will need to do

Spread the insides of the waffle cones with the melted chocolate. I set mine up in the egg holder from my fridge balanced on two glasses, it worked perfectly! Put in freezer to set.

To make the chocolate sauce, heat the cream, chocolate and marshmallows in a small saucepan over low heat until smooth.
To make the ice cream, beat the cream and condensed milk until thick. Fill the cones one third with ice cream, top with chocolate sauce and another layer of ice cream. Return to the freezer to set.

Split the rest of the ice cream between two containers. Mix any remaining chocolate sauce and the chocolate brownies into one container and the cookie dough into the other. Put into freezer to set.
Once set, scoop 4 large scoops of brownie ice cream and place on top of 4 waffle cones. Scoop 4 large scoops of cookie dough ice cream and place on top of other 4 waffle cones. Return to freezer to set again for about 10 minutes. 

Take out and dip each cone into the extra melted chocolate. Return to freezer to set. Once chocolate is set, ENJOY!


  1. Oh my god! These are so amazing!! I going to try to make these.

  2. Thanks, they are quite delicious :) enjoy!